Learning to play basketball

I felt that being taller than most of my classmates gave me an advantage in taking rebounds, however those who have been playing basketball for a longer time, have better controlling skills and can shoot accurately. I feel that I can improve my performance by practicing shooting and controlling.

Learning to play basketball was difficult, because in the pandemic, I could not go out of my house hence I did not have proper facilities to play, neither did I have any guidance. However, I tried to make the most out of what I had, and seeked guidance from several youtubers. I feel that ever since I took this experience, my passion for the sport has grown, which keeps me motivated to practice and become better.

I organized myself by making a timetable, and fixing a specific time every alternate day to practice. Since I was alone, it wasn’t difficult to plan this experience. I was proactive and I would practice every alternate day as planned.

There were some days when I would be tired after attending school, however I stayed true to myself. I consistently practiced and I still continue to do so. This allowed me to become better at playing the sport, however I feel that I can still improve, if I continue to practice

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