Business Club

The business management club was a CAS project which I organized. This project included fun, business related activities that were interactive and helped students analyse and question ethical practices followed by businesses, different corporate cultures, and different case studies. This helped me explore aspects of business which are beneficial as well as detrimental to society. I also explored a few of my strengths and weaknesses. I excelled at researching and formulating good case studies, while I needed to improve my communication skills while presenting those particular case studies. Now that I am aware about it, I plan to make a conscious effort in being clear at what to say. I will try creating a concise format to follow while presenting case studies or other works of mine. I feel that it was crucial that I identify my strengths and weaknesses because as a person who always wants to lead, communicating effectively is the key to success. Additionally, identifying my weaknesses and working on them helps me improve my performance and personality. Yes, when I initially failed to communicate well, I prepared small chits that would contain key phrases, words and sentences that helped me communicate clearly.

The challenging thing about the business club was, coordinating with guest speakers and fellow classmates regarding BM club timings, especially due to the pandemic. This was challenging because everybody has their own schedules and it was difficult to collaborate. Additionally, making case studies and researching was also challenging, as the topics chosen required well structured and concise reasoning. I had organized 3 tournaments for my grade-10 personal project, which made it a little easier to collaborate with different people and teams. Overcoming this challenge required following and making a calendar which helped us meet deadlines. Google Calendar was a tool that helped us in doing so. I feel proud that I was able to make the business club a success, and I realized that it is important to take such challenges in order to have a diverse personality, that can help us 

I used tools such as the google calendar, which helped me create an organized schedule, and work according to the plan. I usually am an organized person, but many last minute meetings were set in order to improvise upon the decisions needed to be made. Initiating the project was not difficult, as we received a good response from our fellow classmates and teachers. But planning sessions with guest speakers was. Yes, I learnt how to communicate better and make informed decisions if I plan to open a business in the future. Yes, since I have already had a taste of what it is to plan such events, I feel that I will definitely be able to plan successful events in the future without any hassle. It is important to know how to plan and initiate such events because they helped me develop as a person. This event taught me how to manage my time, communicate with others, keep people interested in something and be proactive.

Perseverance and commitment was necessary when we had to meet deadlines without letting the quality of the case studies and presentations deteriorate. This required a lot of dedication and hard work, but we were able to conduct the sessions with up to the mark quality. 

I feel that working with others is generally easy for me, because I can gel well with everyone. It was quite easy for me to work with others, in this case, collaborating made my job easier and I learnt a lot from my peers. No, I did not have to work with someone difficult, which again benefited me. Teamwork helped us make the event even better, by taking a lot of ideas and executing them.

The issues that we addressed during our CAS project were ethical issues faced by organizations. This included how businesses exploit people’s lives in order to earn profits. With rising awareness of issues such as data theft, labour laws etc, we conducted discussions that allowed us to raise awareness as well as divulge in giving out correct and reliable information. We made case studies, by combining information from multiple sources and discussed how decisions made by multinational corporations such as facebook, affect us. Knowing about these issues allows us to make informed decisions while using social media platforms, search engines, websites and apps. After knowing about these issues, I feel that I should be careful about the information I put up on social media.

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