Trek to Triund.


Initially, I found it difficult while trekking at parts where it was inclined, that is when I realised that I was weak at climbing inclines. I feel that this was important for me to know after noticing this, I was able to manage my energy better. Now that I am aware of it, I will work out to improve my stamina and lower body strength.


Climbing during the trek was the most difficult part as I had never done anything similar before. I took small breaks every 15-20 mins of climbing, which gave my body rest before moving ahead once again. I feel that it was a one time experience and I feel that I can still work out so that I am fitter for such adventures in the future


The activity was difficult as it demanded rigourous physical activity. However, in this case, it was easy for me to commit to the activity, despite being difficult.


A fraction of the money that we paid for trip and trek, went to the welfare of animals and life on land. Now that I am aware of this issue, I feel I can consciously take action.


Being with volunteers of a charitable organization, I learnt about how small things such as single use plastics and wastage of food affects animals and birds around us. They also taught me how waste segregation is important not only for recyling but also to keep harmful substances away from brids and animals.

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