CAS Profile – Om Mangukiya

Hi! I am Om Mangukiya, a 17-year-old IBDP student from Fountainhead School, Surat. Indulging in activities throughout the CAS portfolio has given me exposure and has allowed me to balance out my life. These experiences have helped me delve deeper into knowing myself.

Recent interests include a few hobbies I have developed from the CAS experiences including, exercises, cycling and engaging in NGOs’ for the betterment of our society. There is a hobby that was worked upon in the CAS portfolio which I already had, football. About trying and experiencing new things, there are multiple experiences I would like to get my hands upon to get the exposure, skydiving, a solo trip, a group trip with friends, go-karting, and possibly getting to experience driving an F1 car.

Something that I enjoy doing is getting aligned towards sports, specifically the sport of football. In addition, I also relish learning and attaining new skills and knowledge through watching YouTube videos or engaging in thoughtful and intriguing conversations.

My outlook on life is simple; set appropriate goals, set goals in something you are passionate about, indulge deeply into achieving the goals so that you are self-driven to aim higher and higher every time.

I visualize myself reaching the derived set of goals I have for my career and above. The most passionate goal I have according to my career path is being independent and setting up my business venture. I have other dreams of contributing to being a part of an NGO or running one myself for a significant cause, but similarly, I do not possess enough financial aid and resources or knowledge that I can act upon on such a large scale currently.

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