Heart Valve Disease – All You Need To Know.

What Is Heart Valve Disease?

Heart Valve Disease (HVD) is when one of the four valves in your heart (Tricuspid, Mitrial, Aortial, Pulmonal)

don’t function properly, there are two types of heart valve disease –

Valvular Stenosis – 

This is when any of the valves of the heart doesn’t open properly due to a stiff, or broken valve this will cause less blood to pass through the valves.

Valvular Insufficiency – 

This is also called “leaky valve disease” it is when the valves do not close properly this will cause the blood in the heart to backflow and also insufficient blood flow to the body.


Consequences/Effects of Heart Valve Disease

  • Heart Failure – The Heart won’t be able to pump enough blood to meet the body’s need as it won’t have a constant flow.
  • Strokes – Insufficient blood will reach the brain causing it to not function properly.
  • Blood Clots – a collection of blood at any point in the body due to irregular flow will cause a clot to form, blocking further blood from the body.
  • Heart Rhythm Abnormalities – The heart will not pump correctly as the pressure will keep changing due to back-flow of the blood into the preceding chamber.
  • Death – As the body’s required oxygen supply won’t be met, the body may fail and lead to a sudden death.

How to know if you have HVD?

An Echocardiography (Echo) is required to fully diagnose HVD, and Electrocardiogram may be used to make an initial diagnosis, however to confirm that diagnosis, an Echo is required

Symptoms –
  • Irregular Breathing
  • Swollen Knees, or Ankles
  • A Heart Murmur (a humming sound instead of the regular heart beat)

Treatment of HVD

Valvular Stenosis –

  • A minimally invasive surgery known as a Balloon Valvuloplasty can be used when a catheter with a balloon attached to it is inserted into the heart through a blood vessel, and the balloon is then blown up to fully open up the valve, then it is deflated and both the balloon and the catheter are removed.

Valvular Insufficiency – 

  • You will have to either repair or replace your heart valve, repair is preferred, however not all heart valves can be replaced, if you choose to replace it you can choose either a biological valve which is healthier for you or man-made valve which will last longer.



  • The cost of a Heart Valve Replacement is extremely high, which will create a divide between rich and poor, about who can afford to get the surgery, which is crucial in trying to improve the situation in this disease


  • Creating a biological valve for valve replacement requires parts from animals and many people believe it is unethical to kill an animal to help a human, using animals to improve healthcare has been protested before.

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