Nishka Desai – CAS Profile

Hi! I’m Nishka Desai, an IBDP student at Fountainhead School. I’m a passionate writer and a confident speaker. I like to think I’m good at Math and Science and aim to pursue a STEM career. I enjoy playing Basketball and Football when I get the chance to, and want to become a better player. I’m a novice embroiderer and want to try knitting too. I’m passionate about becoming more politically active and aware of world events in order to become a responsible global citizen. One subject area I want to master is Physics, which is basically the blueprint of the universe and is extremely fascinating. It keeps me on my toes and fuels my curiosity. I’ve always wanted to try reckless and spontaneous stuff like skydiving! 

I want to enhance my artistic skills, which I barely have. I’m envious of artists, be it musicians or painters, being able to materialize one’s thoughts and emotions into something so abstract and beautiful is intriguing. I tried painting and learning the ukulele but want to polish my skills. My outlook on life is to always practice gratefulness and compassion. We must always appreciate what we have and be kind to those around us. 

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