CAS Portfolio

Hi, I am Arjun Kapasia currently studying in Fountainhead school (grade 12). Indulging in activities through the CAS portfolio has been a major opportunity for me to live a balanced life. These experiences have been critical for the development of my soft skills and has helped me delve more deeply into the practical atmosphere and real world environment 

The most prominent talents of myself include versatility and communication. The ability of communication has helped me transfer my thoughts and perspectives to the people around me and also aided in appropriately handing out yourself. The ability to function in unfamiliar scenarios due to an extended skill set has helped me thrive in circumstances that are either undesirable or unexpected. 

Something that I enjoy doing is very aligned towards music and sports especially the instruments of keyboard and the sport of football. In addition, I also enjoy learning and attaining new skills and knowledge through listening to podcasts, watching small YT videos or engaging in conversations or debates. 

The skills which I would like to improve are not only confined towards time management and organization as they are incrementally developed through the activities I indulge in. In addition, the most applicable skills that help excel in tasks are critical thinking and problem solving which I want to further enhance. 

According to me, I want to be involved in communities that have aligned interest in the same disciplines as me such as student led organizations or clubs. Interacting with the people who have the same degree of passion helps me reveal the benefits of creating and sharing knowledge. I also want to be involved in large scale projects that cater to projects of serving the community back either environmentally or communal. 

My outlook on life

I believe in the notion of reincarnation where individuals are born into another form of life when the previous one finishes. I also believe that every individual caters to a specific role or job that his life is compelled towards and he/she cannot acknowledge. 

I feel most passionate about

The concerns that I am very passionate about are issues that have environmental and societal implications. Anything that disturbs ecological value or causes harm to societal well being is a huge concern to me and these concerns are something that I take into consideration in my daily decision making. 

I always have a persistent interest about my central academic focus of Business which I constantly want to further. However, things that I want to learn more about include political sciences and how political structures have their branches located in various fields. Even the interest I want to further include the field of actuarial sciences and investment studies which has recently developed. 

My dreams

The thing that I have always wanted to do is open a new business venture that serves its financial and social goals. Being a 12th student with a lot of knowledge to accumulate ahead and less resources, this aspiration is more likely to be fulfilled in the future. I also have other dreams contributing to prevent world catastrophes but similarly, I do not possess enough financial and physical resources or knowledge that I can act upon such a large scale. 

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