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Hi I am Shreyansh Agrawal studying in Grade 12 at Fountainhead School, Surat. I have always been intrigued by Math. Every underlying concept of math amazes me, be it probability, statistics, trigonometry, or number theory. But it is Calculus that made me passionate about Maths. Calculus is the root of many scientific formulae, some that run every aspect of our world today, and I wish to understand and master their intricacies. Furthermore, I aim to pursue Mathematics at college and open door to various exciting career options such as Data Science, accounting, finance, etc.

I also love Football and take immense pride to be the part of my school team which has achieved some great feats in the sport. Cooking is my another pastime activity which I enjoy thoroughly. I try new dishes every weekend, sometimes they work and sometimes swiggy comes to rescue. One of my dream is to try skydiving and enjoy that weightlessness feeling.

One skill that I would want to imbibe in me is computer science skills such as Python programming and MatLab. I regret not learning these skills, however as it is never too late, I aim to learn these skills before entering college.

I aim to build a career in Data Sciences and help the medical field advance further. It might sound absurd that how is medical field connected to Data Science, however there are ways in which it could be very useful. For example in Covid-19 peak wave, data scientists helped predict the number of patients which helped hospitals stay prepared.

As I went through the pandemic and still living in it, my life philosophy has changed a bit. I have learnt to appreciate the small things in life such as going out for movies, hanging out with friends, cycling, travelling, etc. I can look myself as a changed individual who finds meaning and happiness in these little things mentioned above.

This is me…

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