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Hi! I am Garvi and someone recently asked me about who I am. Well, I am a 17-year old teenager and I am well aware of my likes and dislikes, but I don’t really know who I am. Maybe I am someone who aspires to be one of those people who are known to always carry books around, have good taste in music and treat people nicely. I am an occasional reader but I enjoy sitting in a cafe, getting a cup of coffee and just reading.

I absolutely romanticize everything I see, and try capturing it through photography and painting. At present, my love for sunsets is driving me with a heavy urge to paint one beautiful dusk. My two defining features are my laziness and my inability to remember the right lyrics to a song. I am known to be a nice and caring person but I am also filled with anger and rage. I am told that I have an attitude problem that I wish to improve upon,after I figure out how.

One word that would describe me the best is ‘confused’, my high school journey was full of changes, in terms of my choices, career fields, interests and personality. While the term ‘confused’ generally holds a negative connotation, I’ve come to learn that my uncertainty was part of my development, no matter how confused I’ve been over the years, each of my bewilderment has ended with more clarity and understanding of my own self.

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