Hello! I am Atharva Dadhich, a 17 year old student from fountain head school, currently under second year of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. To kick off I am a very outgoing person and I love to do new thing whether it is in real life or in academics. Moreover I love to do stuff that requires critical thinking, this further displays my choice of subjects and games. Talking about games I love to play chess whether it is online or on board and the only reason I love it is that it requires the skill of critical thinking. Outdoor sports that I absolutely love are football, table tennis and Swimming. I like to spend my leisure time by listening music or playing games with my 2 pet dogs, this not only helps me to spend my free time but is also makes my mood delightful.

From the starting of my childhood I always wanted to pursue business (commerce) reason being both my parents are directors of the company from the very beginning and because of this I have grow listening to business terms and have sort of adapted to this environment. I have always prioritised commerce subject over others as they are important for my future career. Furthermore other than academics I would personally like to get good at chess, cooking and at last time management. I chose time management because I am awful at scheduling my tasks or other work, the main reason is procrastination so that is also a thing I would like to get rid of.

As I mentioned earlier that I am outgoing and like to try new stuff, I am really looking forward to Both para-gliding and scuba diving in the upcoming future, I might would have tried it earlier but because of whole pandemic everything got hanged. However I personally wouldn’t say that pandemic ruined everything because  it also taught me the importance of mental and physical health, and gave me a chance to get more fit, further giving a chance  for better lifestyle. Pandemic totally changed my outlook on life , I started to think and take care about stuff I previously never cared of such as using environment friendly products and not littering and further stopping other to litter on the streets or any public area.

Staying at home and not having any social contacts with other I think, pandemic really gave a chance to  the youth to find out their purpose in life and what they want to achieve in future.

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