School Newspaper Club

I have cherished reading and writing articles from a very young age, so when I got to know that few of my friends were organizing a Newspaper Club, it was only fitting that I got in. I joined as a writer, for every monthly issue that the club rolled out on their website. I wrote several articles, some of my own choice, and some given by the editors. The club worked in a very coordinated matter, where we submitted our pieces to the editor, who reviewed and submitted them to the web developers. They developed the website and put our pieces on full display for everyone to look at. Our website ranged from artworks, to write-ups, to news from school etc. The most memorable pieces I wrote included a tribute to late actor Chadwick Boseman, and the departure of Lionel Messi from his home club Barcelona. The evidence of the same can be found below:

CAS Components catered:

  • Creativity: Writing Articles and making graphics was part of creativity.
  • Service: The website was made accessible to all students and teachers from the school, so they could read news and cherish articles we wrote for them.

LO1: I could put to use my writing skills, and learn more about my weaknesses, which was meeting deadlines and being organized.

LO2: I’ve developed new skills such as graphic design, and have gotten more familiar with Canva.

LO4: I committed at least an hour in my schedule for a week every month for this project, writing an article and designing a poster.

LO5: The team of editors, website builders and writers worked hand-in-hand every issue.

LO6: A lot of us wrote articles on issues of global significance, like corruption in politics and the US capitol protest. The school newspaper also collaborated with the Debate and Current Affairs Club, so there were articles such as Patriotism vs Jingoism, which can be found below:

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