Debunking The Myth: The Career Edition

Background of my CAS Project:

Me, and three of my friends started with a talk show, which revolved around professionals and making career-based decisions. I was inspired by the problem that a lot of students from Grade 11 and 12 face, about not knowing which career streams to go into. I felt the need of borrowing advice from professional from different fields, in order to fully understand a career. The idea behind the title is that we want to debunk common myths surrounding particular fields, that make students NOT choose a particular career, which we regret afterwards.

Layout of each episode:

We shot 6 episodes, in a video conferencing format using Google Meet. We had 3 segments, sometimes 4 if we had time. The first segment was intended to understand the career better, with various experiences of the guest. The second segment was to understand what a student should do at this particular age to get into the career, and how we should start preparing. The third segment revolved around debunking common myths, where the interviewer would pose certain myths and the guest would have to say if it’s true or false, with justification. Finally, the fourth segment had the guest react to certain clips from TV-shows and movies which was associated with their profession, and enlighten us about how realistic are scenarios portrayed in movies compared to real life.

Our Demo Episode (Trying out Microsoft Teams)

POST Shooting:

After shooting each episode, I made it sure to edit it. I had to remove bloopers and prepare a raw footage, which then allowed me to proceed with special effects to make the video visually appealing. The evidence of the same can be found below:

Editing my 4th video, where I interviewed a lawyer.

The components of CAS that this project caters to is:

Creativity: The idea of the project and framing the questions demonstrated creativity. Additionally, the video editing involved a lot of creativity to generate humor and appeal.

Service: We posted this on the YouTube for everyone to watch. Additionally, we made video shorts for people who didn’t have time to watch the whole video.

Learning Outcomes that this project caters to:

  • LO1: I could identify my strengths, which were communication, which I harness in the process of interviewing.
  • LO2: I’ve gone through several recording softwares and editing softwares, which helped me enhance my skill in video editing.
  • LO3: I initiated this idea along with a group, and we divided tasks in each other, which helped us work in a more organized manner.
  • LO4: We showed commitment by scheduling each interview and the date at which it was ready for upload.
  • LO5: We worked in a group and synergized with each other.
  • LO7: During the process of our interviews, we tackled a lot of ethical questions that usually arise when practicing a particular career, so the audience can get a good idea of what is right and what is wrong.
Plan sheet that we followed to work in coordination.

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