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Hello, I’m Krish Patel, 17 years old student at Fountainhead School, Surat. I really love the watch movies of genre crime and thriller, and also to watch Youtube videos. I also love to hear music, it heals my pain. I also enjoy cycling, cooking and learning new skills very much. I also have a talent of learning new softwares very quickly, because I love to do so. I love to learn new softwares and create some content using it. I also enjoy playing outdoor games like football, cricket, etc.

What I am looking forward is to improve my skills in what I love to do. That is I want to improve my design skills in Adobe Illustrator. I learnt the basics for the course but we can perfect a skill by practising it. I also love to workout so that I can stay fit. I am passionate about problem solving in real life. I enjoy doing it.

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