CAS Project – Organizing Cricket Tournament

Description :

In the CAS Project, I organised and participated in a cricket tournament along with my friends. I chose this particular project because I wanted some experience in the organizing field and I thought we should do it as an entertainment activity as well. We booked a turf made for playing box cricket.

LO1 – I identified my strengths and weaknesses in the sport cricket as well as in the field of organizing. The areas of growth for my organizing skills I identified were that I was unable to make a start move. Because I was organizing a tournament for the first time and I didn’t knew where to start. So we as a group decided and distributed the tasks like making posters, booking the turf, promote the event, etc.

LO2 – There were many challenges faced during the period of organizing the tournament. Like we had some communication issues that clashed our ideas about the process of organizing. Some of the group members wanted to organize the tournament in the big ground, but we convinced them that it would cost us more money and we are doing it for the first time so would not be able to manage the event.

LO3 – We decided to organize a box cricket tournament. So we discussed some points and started working on them collaboratively. By distributing all the tasks among the group members.

LO5 – Working collaboratively was the main key to the success of the event. This helped us as we distributed all the tasks among the group members that made the process alot more easier and faster. As one person would make the poster for the tournament, the other makes the forms for registrations. Another person would design the formats of the matches that has to played and also makes the teams according to the names in the forms irrespective of their gender.

LO7 – The safety of the participants was at the top priority. As they were temperature checked before entering the turf and were hand sanitized. This was to be safe from the virus. The other safety measure was that a first aid kit was available at every corner of the turf. So that if any player gets wounded or injured first aid can be provided easily.

Final Takeaway

The overall experience was very good, as I improved my cricket skills as well as some organizing skills. We enjoyed the whole process and would like to continue organizing events and would love to take it to big scale.


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