CAS – DT Club

I have always been interested in designing, and the subject of design and technology. There was a club happening for Design and Technology. So I thought why not join the club. I can get more knowledge about the subject from this club. And it can also serve my CAS components, creativity and activity.

LO1 – I have also selected DT as my DP subject so I have some knowledge about the subjects. But by joining the club I received more knowledge about the subject. I have also developed some additional knowledge about the subject.

LO2 – There are many challenges that have been faced by me during this experience. One of the challenges was time management. As we have Summative, IA submissions, online classes, ad other work. It was difficult for me to manage time and attend the club online meets. Because of this I also missed 1-2 meetings which I had to watch the recordings.

LO4 – Though I had difficulties in attending meets, I somehow managed time and attended the meetings shoiwng preservence in the respective activity. Because of the preservence in that activity I also watched the recordings of the missed meetings.

Evidences –

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