CAS PROJECT: Organising a cricket tournament

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Lo-6 Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.  The issue that we were trying to address with this CAS project is lack of quality education. Quality education is categorized as one of the fundamental human rights. According to the Borgen Project Research 72 million children do not attend primary school and 759 million adults are illiterate. We can say that this issue is a global issue. There are a number of reasons as to why there is a lack of quality education on a global scale. People might have financial crises, unfavorable geographic position, lack of schools, etcetera. Even if there are schools, some don’t have the access to basic resources which are needed to gain education. So, the main aim of this fundraiser was to donate all the profits to a local school of students with hearing loss in the form of stationary kits. In general, knowing about global issues contributes to my personal growth as I can take actions towards those issues which will help the society and the people facing those problems.

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