CAS Reflection – Donating Food

In this CAS experience, my friend and I visited a couple places and donated food to all those who needed it in these difficult times (covid). Through this, I learned to share, to help, and I also tried to learn–or at least see–the struggles people face. This helped me understand about the poor and their conditions. It also made me very happy to help them in any way I could, I was very happy seeing smiles on their faces after getting food! My friend and I went once a week for a month and I go with my mom sometimes as well.

The learning outcomes I achieved were: LO4, LO6, LO7
LO4: Show commitment and perseverance in their CAS experience.
LO6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.
LO7: Recognise and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

The CAS strand catered was: S (service)

LO4: I was very eager throughout our visits to donate food. I was regularly asking and reminding my mom and friend to go donate food–even when either was busy. I made sure we went every week, if we couldn’t go on some day for some reason, I made sure we went that week on some other day. This, of course, helped me complete my experience but it also helped me see joyous faces–which in turn made me feel content. This commitment was necessary because if I hadn’t been committed, we would’ve skipped many days of going by procrastinating.

LO6: A global issue of significance that I may have helped (only a little) was poverty and hunger. Many people cannot afford to eat barely one meal a day and hunger and poverty are crucial issues that the world faces today. Many people stay unaware or ignorant of this issue but by donating food and helping a little I feel that I contributed to the cause. Like already mentioned, it made me very happy and content to be able to help someone else.

LO7: As evidence, we took several pictures of us handing out food to the people. While we couldn’t exactly ask for permission, I wish to at least keep their faces anonymous (pixelated) because everyone is entitled to privacy, in my opinion.


  • Learner profile: Caring – without having this emotion, I wouldn’t be able to understand or sympathise with their struggles.
  • Highlight: while my mom was taking pictures of me and my friend as evidence, two other kids came in and got in the picture too! It was really sweet!
  • Through this activity, I wish to contribute further by spreading some awareness and asking my friends to join in too.

Photos as evidence:

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