sickle cell anemia is a rare disease,fewer than 1 million case per year.sickle cell anemia is a genetic disease which is inherited from our parents. it is a condition in which red blood cells are not shaped as normal.The sickle cell starts to bind and it block the part way of blood vessels which lead to pain and organ damage.

grown-ups, some will most likely be unable to have a youngster in light because of the risks this disease possesses.
Kids have hindered development and deferred sexual development

A blood test can check for hemoglobin S — the flawed type of hemoglobin that underlies sickle cell .
In grown-ups, a blood test is drawn from a vein in the arm. In youthful youngsters and children, the blood test is normally gathered from a finger or heel. The example is then sent to a lab, where it’s screened for hemoglobin S.
On the off chance that the screening test is negative, there is no sickle cell quality present. On the off chance that the screening test is certain, further tests will be done to decide if a couple of sickle cell qualities are available.

Fatigue and anemia.
Pain crisis.
Dactylitis (swelling and inflammation of the hands and/or feet) and arthritis.
Bacterial infections.
Sudden pooling of blood in the spleen and liver congestion.
Lung and heart injury.
Leg ulcers.
Aseptic necrosis and bone infarcts (death of portions of bone)
Eye damage.
Painful swelling of hands and feet

Sensory system, the cerebrum gets oxygen denied and furthermore you have a foggy vision
Stomach related System, because of this ailment you can likewise get gallstones and it can influence your liver too.
Skeletal System, this sickness results in joint agony and bone harm
Circulatory System, typical red platelets satisfy 120 days yet Sickled Cells live just 10-20 days. This denies the blood of oxygen.
Solid System, your muscles don’t get enough blood to perform typical exercises this can result in loss of motion.
Excretory System, this infection harms the kidney and there is lost water in pee. CURE:- A vaccine named 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate should be in order to infants starting from two-month-olds to try and prevent this disease.Meningococcal vaccine is recommended for patients two years and older with sickle cell disease.Bone Marrow Transplant, a bone marrow transplant will incorporate devastating the stem cells by radiation or chemotherapy and infusing the undifferentiated cells of the benefactor into the bloodstream.Blood Transfusion, red platelets are expelled from a supply of gave blood. Transfusion builds the quantity of red platelets in the blood.

Economic: The bone marrow transplant is all around expensive and can cost a fortune, that is the reason numerous individuals stick to meds and medications as opposed to getting a bone marrow transplant.
– Social: People still trust that blood transfusion is identified with HIV or AIDS so the majority of them lean toward not to take blood regardless of whether they are hospitalized. The body can dismiss the bone marrow and this can prompt the passings of numerous individuals. Medications are given to smother the resistant framework and that can prompt numerous complexities and ailments. On the other side, these exercises can help individuals defeat infections.
– ETHICAL:In numerous cases, bone marrow transplant has managed without the assent of the patient or the family. The allotment of assets is a moral issue, as well, rich individuals are given the organs first and needy individuals need to rely upon their luck. A similar case in blood transfusion, blood donation centers hold the blood for a rich patient and don’t offer it to poor individuals

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