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Hi! I’m Khushi Desai, a 17 year old student studying at fountainhead school under the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, graduating in the year 2022. I’m an inquisitive learner with a passion for sports and adventure. I have a bold personality with a wide range of interests and abilities. I’m a hard working person, always remembering that the outcome is not up to me but the outlook is. I am a person who is always aiming to get the most out of what I want to do. I believe that putting one’s all into whatever task one is working on can open doors to new opportunities and expand one’s horizons.

I like to think I’m good at business and economics, and I aim to pursue a business related career. I enjoy sports, particularly lawn tennis and frisbee, and my future goals include becoming a professional tennis player alongside my studies. I enjoy playing all kinds of sports, may it be tennis, frisbee, basketball, or cricket. Traveling and dining are some of my other interests, and sure, I am a terrific food lover! and one of my main hobbies has always been exploring and learning new things which helps me gain knowledge, perspectives and foster my learning on the world around me. I also love to try new adventures such as skydiving.

When it comes to communication and management skills, I’m quite good at them. When it comes to conversing with people or sharing information, I can successfully explain my idea/perspective. I am also good at decision making, I can decide upon the best one after looking at the pros and cons of the situation, I can handle different situations very well at the same time. I want to enhance my reading skills, which I barely have. I believe that reading skills will improve my comprehension and analytical abilities which will also help me in the future.

As for the outlook on life, I believe gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions, it changes attitude brightens our outlook and broadens our perspective. I also believe that our attitude and our outlook in life shape who we are and as a result, it brightens our life.

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