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Hi! I’m Mohit Pachchigar, 18 years old and studying at Fountainhead School under the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. I joined FS back in 2013. I pride myself in being shortlisted for Reliance football academy which is a club originated in Mumbai. I am also a state level football player.

I enjoy playing drums, video games, learning more about the corporate world, maintaining a fit and healthy body by being on a proper diet and gymming everyday, and cooking. I have been playing drums from 8 years now, they just help me to take a break from everything that is going around me and stay calm. Playing video games is just another thing that I do in my free time, I enjoy playing video games with my friends. I have always been curious about knowing and learning more about the corporate world. I enjoy going to the gym and maintaining my fitness, a lot of people don’t like dieting but it is something that I love doing as it helps me to maintain a healthy body. I also enjoy cooking and especially I enjoy experimenting with it by coming up with new dishes, this is a skill which I would really like to improve upon more. I am also very curious about knowing more about the tech world especially technological advancements in the smartphone industry and I constantly look up for knowledge regarding it.

I would like to be involved more into the business that we have because that is one of my career option and involving more and learning more about it is only going to benefit me and my family.

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