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Hello! My name is Shourya Poddar. I’m a 17-year old currently finishing my final year of high school in Fountainhead School, Surat. I enjoy music, Football, and reading books. I am a talented learner and take pleasure in observing applications of theories in real life. Because of this, my favorite subjects at high school are Economics and Maths, where I can see how views I learn in class are functioning in the real world. I love analyzing different business models and would like to improve my communication skills to interact with people more actively. I believe I have been good at managing my time for the past seven months. I have been waking up early every day to stay ahead of my Internal assessment deadlines.

I want to improve more skills, including writing and being active physically. I have lost too many marks due to the incoherent structure of my answers. I am also not very physically fit because I tend to be working too much on my subjects( yes, I blame you, IAs).

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