Feeding Dogs

Feeding dogs 

Giving money is a wonderful social activity, but so is feeding stray animals. Because of the pandemic, I had a lot of spare time, so I chose to spend it loving and feeding the street dogs.

LO3: I invited my neighbours to join me and taught them about dog-friendly behaviour.

LO4: I’ve been doing this since the pandemic began, and I’ll keep doing it. Such things do not necessitate commitment; they are accomplished automatically.

LO5: Scheduling a time when everyone could attend and allocating everyone’s portion of the food to bring was difficult, but I made sure that everyone had an equal opportunity.

LO6: Hunger is a major global problem that is exacerbated when a human is involved. Animals are rarely considered or thought about by humans, but it is our responsibility to ensure that no one goes hungry.

LO7: Health and safety are critical as a result of the Covid 19. As a result, we provided all volunteers with masks and gloves, and we continued to sanitise them throughout the project. We kept parental supervision while feeding the stray dogs.

To sum up, feeding the dogs was a fantastic experience.

Learner profiles: risk-takers, communicators, and balanced learners.

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