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Hello! My name is Udhav Kothari, I’m a 17-year old currently finishing my final year in Fountainhead school, Surat. I enjoy music, playing drums, and playing pixelated video games. I am a talented learner and take pleasure in observing applications of theories in real-life. I’m not very good with my attention span and time management, however, I make up for it with my analytical skills and deadline anxiety. I love analysing different business models and would like to improve on my coding skills to apply them in making softwares, websites and macros.

Some more skills I would like to improve include writing, following timetables, and creativity. I have lost too many marks due to the incoherent structure of my answers, and can’t study properly because I get easily distracted by other things (damn you pixelated video games).

My outlook on life varies greatly, and priorities are always changing, I feel like balance one of the most important things in bringing out the best in you. I have gone through a significant amount of burnout periods where I couldn’t do any work due to lack of motivation. I feel like the required balance changes with every individuals and that it is very important to find the right balance for you. Slowly but surely, I am getting better at dealing with my burnouts, I would like to really be able to find motivation in what I’m doing, which usually causes me to put in significantly more effort.

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