Tennis (1)

Tennis has always been on my TO-DO list. I learnt tennis a couple of years ago but left it. I started playing tennis again. I still remembered the basics like backhand and forehand swing. Although I had completely forgotten how to serve and that being the most crucial part hindered my performance and thus I started to work upon the service, volley and footwork. I played tennis 6 days a week in order to achieve my goals.

Naturally, I was good at the backhand because it is hit using the strength of two hands. Realising that I could do that with less effort made me feel highly motivated as it was usually something all beginners struggled with.
This boost of motivation helped me further develop my footwork after hours of sweat and practice. If I could improve on my agility I would be able to receive more balls and ultimately improve on my game overall. I realised that I needed to work on my forehand swing because I lacked the power to hit the ball, while also learning how to serve. Lastly, tennis as a whole helped me become a lot more patient as it required so much time and effort along with consistency, it helped me realise how all good things take time, but all pieces do fall into place.

LO2 , LO3, LO5:
I struggle with serving the ball because I wasn’t able to coordinate nor assess how to hit the ball. I made sure to take out 20 minutes from each session to work on service and take help from my coach to help me understand. I became better as I practiced, I slowly got my body to adapt to the style of hitting the ball. I also learnt volley to help me improve my service. Volley aided ability to assess a ball which ultimately resulted in my understanding of the game. Throughout the process, I was able to also work on my footwork, understanding how to use my feet to its utmost advantage. As I continued to improve, I started playing King of the Court which improved my skills and put my understanding into play.
King of Court increased my responsiveness. I was working on my footwork, assessing the ball and focusing on hitting the ball right. I continued to do so for 2 months. I decided to change the routine in the 3rd month in order to learn how to play the game. I decided to play with different members at the academy. During the matches, I learned how to keep track of the scores and when the points changed. I was also able to reflect on my performance. Everyone on the court was able to give me feedback and give me tricks to improve my game.

LO4 :
I struggled with footwork a lot and when I couldn’t get it right I would lose my patients. I would also have a negative outlook which would further hamper my performance. In order to help me stay motivated, I would shift the activity for the time being. I also made it a point to not miss any of the sessions so I was not trapped into the cycle of laziness.

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