CAS Project – Organising a Cricket Tournament

In this CAS project, a group of people including me organised and participated in a box cricket tournament. We selected Cricket as a sport to organise because Cricket is a sport which is very popular in India and everybody like to play cricket. We chose the box cricket ground instead of cricket ground is because box cricket turfs are manageable and also it gives the players feeling of playing on the cricket ground with some restrictions.

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcome 1: Identify own strengths and develop areas of growth

In terms of organising, I had some knowledge and experience as previous to this tournament, I have organised chess tournament with my friend and also I have been a part of some organising committees which helped me gain experience and helped me in organising the box cricket tournament. Because of previous knowledge, I knew that one of the most important thing is the role given to each member as everything like turf, requirements and food should be available and there should not be any problem at the last moment and so we members decided the roles carefully. But there were times when we group members were not doing our roles perfectly. Becasue of my poor time management skills, I was not able to complete my tasks on time which lead to tasks being delayed which was not helpful while organising an event.

Learning Outcome 3: Initiate and plan a CAS experience

In this experience, we organised a Cricket tournament and so a good amount of planning was required as every members had been given roles to accomplish such as equipment needed, booking the turf, managing water and food, advertisements, etc and all the roles were given keeping in mind every members strength and weakness. We had to plan the deadlines for each tasks so that we can be done by all the tasks before the event. The most important thing was to find date and time as we had to think about lots of things such as pandemic going on and will the organising group be done with pre – event tasks before the event, etc. We also had to decide the turf as we needed to find the turf which is accessible by many people so that we can get more registrations for our tournament. And personally, I think that without quality planning, we could not have pulled off the cricket tournament.

Learning Outcome 5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the skills of working collaboratively

Working Collaboratively is definitely helpful. Working in a group made everything much easier to do because all the tasks were divided between the group members which made it easy to complete the tasks and also because of group members, the tasks were getting completed at a good speed because at a time there were more than one task is progress. And while planning, because of many people, we were able to get different ideas and opinions which helped in making the event closer to perfection. And because of working collaboratively, we were able to manage the event easily which made the event go smooth. I think because of working collaboratively, the project was well structured and well planned compared to doing things myself. And also because of group, it made the project a lot fun compared to doing it alone.

Learning Outcome 7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

As we organised a tournament at the time of the covid pandemic, there were some things we had to think about before the final event. We thought of things like how we can be more safe in the main event. And because of the pandemic many people were not persuaded to participate to take precautions which made us having mixed opinions about the whole event. But after some time , we came up with ideas which helped us make the event safer. We made a little box for each team so that there can be distance between people. And after every hour, we checked the temperatures of the participant which made the event much more safer and also helped in persuading people to participate in the tournament.

Overall Reflection:

Overall the experience was good as I got more experience about organizing events and I enjoyed a lot while organizing the event. The most prominent learner profiles that I used throughout the project was learner as I got to learn many things by seeing my group members and the things we did incorrect.


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