CAS Experience – Cycling

In this experience, me and my brother went for cycling because cycling is a sport which gives you a good workout and it has many benefits. And because always staying at home, I thought cycling is a good way to go out of the home. And throughout the experience, I found cycling helpful and I enjoyed because of which I started using bicycle to go to my classes.

Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in progress

I am very lazy and I don’t like to go out and so my biggest challenge was to go out and do cycling. Everyday I thought from tomorrow I will start cycling and I never did cycling. But one day, one of my cousin was visiting the city and he wanted to do cycling and so me and my cousin organised a cycling event for all our family members. It was the force which I needed to start cycling and it helped as now I mostly use cycle if I have to go anywhere such as classes. Because I enjoyed cycling and it also is kind of a workout for your body, I started using bicycles frequently.

Learning Outcome 3: Initiate and plan a CAS experience

Me and my brother planned and organised a cycling event for our family. It was a simple event where we called our family members and asked them to join us in the event. For the event we didn’t need much, we need bicycles and food. The bicycle issue was solved as in my city, there are public bicycles which helped us in getting the required bicycles and we managed to get food and water for everyone. The only issue left was date and time and starting point. Because my cousin came to the city for 3 days and none of the days were weekend, finding date and time became difficult but after some thought and sacrifices, we family members finalized the date and time. To figure out the starting point was a tough choice cause we needed to find the place where everyone can reach easily so after some calculations and thinking we came up with a starting point which was accessible to everyone. Overall the whole event was success and the event went smoothly.

Learning Outcome 6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

As we all know that one of the biggest problem in the whole world is pollution. Pollution happens through many things one of which is through vehicles which consists of engines. And as I stopped using motor vehicle and started using cycle, from my side, I have taken a step towards decreasing the pollution from my side. I know that the amount of pollution that I stopped is near to zero compared to the pollution in the world. I can hope that people see me using cycle which may persuade them to use the cycle.

Overall Reflection:

I believe that overall the planned event went successful and everybody enjoyed the event but more than that is because of the event I was able to successfully start cycling which not only helped me but also helped in decreasing the pollution by a very small amount.


Our Event:

Me going to class using bicycle:

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