CAS – Feeding Street Dogs

It is very important to help everyone, and helping animals is much more important. Animals who are not adopted have no one to take care of them. Talking of dogs, there are street dogs who don’t have anyone and they search for food in the garbage. They only get food sometimes which are leftovers of people.

LO3 – This experience required a plan as I had to see the location where most of the dogs gathered. This might be a good idea to be more efficient as we can feed more dogs at one time.

LO4 – Commitment and perseverance were shown in this experience as I went to feed the dogs daily and also influenced my friends to do so in their area. This helped to cover more area and feed more dogs at a time. As every dog has to be fed.

LO6 – Sustainable Goal 15 – Life on Land.
We have to save to life on land as they are te part of our life cycle. As the street dogs have no one to take care of them and feed them they eat from garbage and sometimes eat plastic. They die after consuming plastic which is against the sustainable goal, which says that we have to save to life on land.

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