CAS Experience – Gardening

In this experience, I took care of the plants of my building when the gardener took a leave. The main reason I took care of the plants is because I like to plant trees and water them and watch them grow. Because gardener had took a leave, I took his place for taking care of the plants.

Learning Outcome 4: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Throughout the experience, I had to wake up very early every day so that I can water the plants which was very tiring but because I like to water plants and like plants, I stayed committed and watered the plants every day or whenever required. There were times when I needed soil or more seeds or flowers to plant I had to rush to store to buy the things and necessary equipments and doing the work would talk a good amount of time but because of my liking towards plants, I stayed committed throughout the experience.

Learning Outcome 6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

As we know that trees are very important for every living being as it gives us oxygen which the living beings inhale and is one of the important things that keep the living beings alive but in today’s time we can see that deforestation is happening at a pretty good speed and I know that I alone can’t grow the trees to balance the ratio of deforestation versus plantation of plants but because of me taking care of plants and planting new plants, people in my building may be able to get persuade from me and start doing the same which would help in planting more trees.

Learning Outcome 7: Recognize and Consider the ethics of choices and actions

Because of planting plants and taking care of them lead to both positive and negative things for me. Taking care of plants made me happy and also if I would have not taken care of the plants the plants would have died because gardner was on a leave and so there would be no one to take care of the plants which would lead to plants dying which would have also made more work for the gardener as he would have to again organize the grow the plants from scratch but because of I took care of the plants while he was gone, the plants were at good shape. On the other hand, because of sometimes it took me hours while planting seeds or doing anything else which would lead to me not able to complete tasks on time which lead to me submitting tasks after deadline which was not good for me. So I believe that this experience was good and I think that I could have taken care of my tasks if I would have managed my time more accurately and perfectly.

Overall it was a very good experience and I enjoyed a lot taking care of the plants. The learner profile I have demonstrated here is Caring as I made a pretty good difference in the life of living beings by planting more plants and taking care of the plants so that in future they could become trees and make the nature more beautiful.


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