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I’m Yug Nakrani, I’m 18 years old in grade 12 studying in Fountainhead school. I’d like to think that I’m a creative person and I like to showcase my creative side in many ways such as drawing, designing, digital art, and making Minecraft builds. I want to take these creative interests to the next level and pursue architecture professionally. I have a great interest in motorsports and really enjoy watching motorsport series such as Formula 1 and MotoGP. I also spend my time occasionally gaming and watching movies.

The skill I would like to improve is my communication skills, I feel like sometimes I don’t convey my emotions and ideas properly which annoys me. I also lack public speaking skills as I tend to get nervous with crowds. I would like to improve this and overcome this fear.

Something that I’ve been meaning to learn for a while now is producing music, I really enjoy listening to lo-fi/ambient/instrumental music and I really wanna learn how to produce them and I hope I find the time and energy in near future to learn this.

My life philosophy is very simple and straightforward, which is just “live in the present”. I wholeheartedly follow this and I feel it’s pointless to dwell in the past and think and stress about things that are out of my control. I can be happy if I focus on what’s happening right now and not waste my energy by thinking about the potential future or the past that I cannot change

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