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Hi! I am Hriday Jain, 17 years old and study in FHS. I am really good at rapping as I make really good rap lyrics and also sing them really well. Other than that I am really good at playing chess as I have been playing for the age of 6. I enjoy sleeping but also like to enjoy the cool wind outside and sit and think about life. I would like to improve upon my football skills and have to get better to get qualified in my new football team. I would like to be involved in every extra curricular activities as I love playing sports. Life is really interesting and only grades wont define your going to reach in future, life is beautiful, and I wanna live more and more 🙂
I have issues with how nowadays humans slaughter animals which are not even edible, I really wanna act on this issue and stop it as just like us humans, animals also have feelings. I would like to learn more about myself, so that I can find out the thing I am best in. I wanna do skydiving as I have height phobia and want to remove it. My dream is to change the world with my only voice and stop this discrimination between all living things.

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