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I have always been a passionate photographer and videographer and have loved to learn about editing. Editing is a very unspoken part about photography and i don’t mean obvious photoshops of adding or removing elements from a photo, i mean the subtle changes an editor makes to a photo that makes the frame as a whole look much better and how an editor gets an instinct for these changes and applies them. I started to combine my prior knowledge with online courses do dive into the world of Visual Media editing. The evidence provided is of my attempts at football photo editing.

L1 – Strengths and Growth: Photography has always been one of my strong suits, from a young age i have enjoyed photography and this experience allowed me to explore that strength and improve upon it by combining it with my newfound editing skills, i was also able to show growth in video editing as that was a weakness of mine (the ability to make videos look good) however over time and with experience and practice i got better at it.

L2 – Challenge and Skills: There were many challenges in my paths that i had to overcome, technical issues came up in abundance and i had to solve them swiftly in order to ensure no loss of data or work. I developed a plethora of new skills in photography and video editing and even shooting since the editing skills taught me what type of videos or photos work best and thus improved my shooting skills too.

L4 – Showing Perseverance: The process of editing Visual Media is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of work to be put in and many hours in front of the screen at a time. The completion of my tasks took a lot of commitment however i was able to complete them because of my commitment to improving my skills.

In conclusion my experience learning Editing of Visual Media has been successful as not only did i learn a lot of new skills in editing but i also improved my photography and videography skills which was an unexpected outcome but with the eye of an editor i can take the right video or photo to make job in editing easier and more efficient.

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