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Hello, my name is Purab Mendiratta, and I am a student at Fountainhead School. I’m 17 years old, I enjoy cooking and athletics, and I’m a very active person. I like learning business management and economics, Because it is relevant to my profession. Self-management skills are something I’d want to improve because I’m not always able to complete my responsibilities on time.

I’d like to established a better balance between my schoolwork and my physical activities so that I don’t have any academic difficulties. I’ve always wanted to travel throughout the world, and I want to do so when I finish my studies. When I’m bored, I also enjoy listening to music and engaging in physical activities. My attitude on life is that I want to capture all of my life’s moments so that I may look back on them in the future.

I am interested in business and would like to learn more about it and focus my future studies on it so that I may have a better understanding of it. I’ve always wanted to play chess at a national level but haven’t been able to do so due to my education; I had to concentrate on my schoolwork and didn’t have time to play.

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