Growing plants – CAS Experience 9

Watering plants daily and taking care of them feels like a favor to our earth as well ourselves. Global issues like deforestation and pollution are increasing at an alarming rate. To be a part of reducing these issues, I took a small step of growing plants at my house by watering and taking care of them daily. Experiencing this made me realize that I should share this experience with others also so that they also take this small step for a greater cause.

The Learning Outcomes which I’ve demonstrated are LO2, LO3, LO4, LO6, and LO7.

LO2 – It was difficult for me to remember to water and care for these plants on a daily basis, but as I watched them all flourish and blossom, I felt a sense of responsibility for them and began to remind myself daily. I asked someone to water them for me when I was too busy or didn’t have time. This experience transformed me into a more responsible and empathetic person in certain aspects.

LO3 – I had bought some plants and took some from my society’s garden to bring them up to my house carefully and look after them. I did not have enough space to keep them in my house so I had kept them just outside my house near the shoe rack where there was enough access to sunlight for them to grow and easily water them.

LO4 – Plants require regular attention and feeding, and failing to do so throughout their growing stage might cause them to die. Commitment towards your plants, in my experience, is essential for their growth. It is not an option to not water them on a regular basis or to not change their pot after they have grown. This experience had me require complete dedication and perseverance towards their growth.

LO6 – I didn’t plant plants in public areas, but doing so at home was a step in the right direction, thus my action counts toward the SDG of ‘Life on Land.’ Around 10-15 plants currently live at my house whether it is from the ceilings or the balcony of my home or outside my house. Your actions will always begin with your own home and progressively expand to include a large number of homes. Plants are necessary for life on land, and they must be grown in order to survive.

LO7 – The use of fertilizers to increase the growth of plants and grass, as well as improve their quality and provide them with needed nutrients, raises ethical concerns in this activity. The use of fertilizers for gardening or farming is unethical because the environmental consequences outweigh the benefits to the plants and lawn. Excess nutrients from all of our fertilizer runoff into our rivers, causing algae blooms that can sometimes render waterways inaccessible.

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