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Hi! I’m Kriti Suri, an 18 year old IBDP student at Fountainhead School. The CAS portfolio has helped self reflect myself, to not only improve existing skills but also learn new ones. It has helped me gain exposure and assess my growth as an individual.

I like to think of myself as an imaginative artist and a skillful dancer. I enjoy being active and fit, and try to workout with consistency. I enjoy sprinting but I’m willing to try new sports as well. I like challenges and learning new things in the process. It is during one of the many challenging projects that I was introduced to the skill of macrame weaving. I’m passionate about food and plan to try every kind over the course of my life. One subject area that keeps me on my toes and drives my motivation is Math. I have always liked problem solving and take pleasure in in solving sudoku puzzle every now and then. I perceive myself to be adventurous and enthusiastic whenever it comes to trying out new things.

I was an avid reader back in junior school but lost touch with books over time. I want to get back into the habit of reading and have started making a TBR (to be read) list of books. I believe that reading lets you enter a parallel world and shows you so much more than what you’ve seen through your own eyes. It’s a thrill to sometimes come across a character or an instance that you could totally relate with. I try to live by a saying that goes “What you give is what you get.” It keeps me motivated and helps me become a more responsible person. Another practise that I have inculcated is being grateful, to always focus on the glass half full.

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