Hello, my name is Aangi Sanghavi, and I am currently in grade 12 pursuing IB. I’ve always believed that, as Martin Luther King properly remarked, “If I can’t do great things, I can do small things in great ways.” I am a really hard working person and always striving to get the most out of what I can do. I am an extroverted person who enjoys spending time with friends, as well as a self-contained individual. I also enjoy drawing, I adore animals, I enjoy sports of all kinds and I enjoy going to new places because I enjoy the thrill of new experiences.

I spent the final two years of high school; what I did to keep calm amongst all the stress that IB has brought (which hopefully will seem worth it after graduation).I believe in “living the best of your life,” but I also want to strike a balance between athletics, academics, and friends. It’s difficult to find a perfect balance between the three with IB, but I strive hard because the habit of living a balanced life will prepare me to deal with challenges in the future.

My ambition is to serve others for the greater good and to make a modest difference in the world by helping the environment and those in need. I want to live in a better world where I gain happiness by glancing at the smiling faces of underprivileged people all around the world.

I also want to travel across the world and learn about how people live in different parts of the world, as this will help me respect and embrace the cultural diversity that exists in our society.

My life’s ambition is to be dedicated and committed at all times, whether at work or at home. I want to be someone that people look up to, and as a result, I want to be someone who is constantly seeking out new information from a variety of sources in order to stay current.

Lastly, as being an adventurous person, which does not mean I am not afraid of doing new things, but doing things that make me think “I can’t do this” motivates me to take the next step. I want to learn to surf, ride the world’s most dangerous roller coasters, bungy jump and finally have a dog as a pet.

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