CAS Personal Profile:

Hello! I am Nishtha Jain, a student of Fountainhead school, Surat. I enjoy cycling and music. I think I can improve my public speaking and debating skills more if I work on it. I’ve developed a slight interest and curiosity in philosophy, particularly the concept of existentialism. Academically, I love Economics and wish to peruse the subject with maybe Finance, Philosophy or Psychology (not sure about my exact stream). I am a very adventurous person, I love hiking, trekking, and all those risk-taking activities. In the future, I wish have a part-time job in a trekking/ hiking firm which will give me time to relax and explore myself more.

One skill that I would like to improve more is music. I have an absolute love for music and have also done 7 years of Indian Classical Music a few years back. But since music is a skill, it requires a lot of practice. I plan to practice more music and improve my stage appearance while singing in public.

The COVID pandemic was a curse for most of the people, but for me it became a boon. I was able to do a lot of new things during the lockdown, like attend IIMUN’s, practice singing, organize online fundraisers for people daily-wage workers, learn cooking, improve time management and also spend more time with family which a lot of people including me took for granted. During the lockdown, I also got to know who my real friends are since I was not able to meet my friends during the lockdown. The pandemic taught me a lot of things which I am now using in my IBDP journey, for example, time management.

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