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Hello, I am Saumya Shah (some people also refer to me as Saumya 2). I wish to pursue economics and management in the UK in the near future. I am a cricket enthusiast and also like to delve into acting and business. I also tend to capture natural photographs ( I believe that I can think critically and try to utilize every opportunity I get, which I regard as my talents as they are useful and can be applied in any given situation. I have always disliked coding and computing, but that won’t stop me from learning these skills. I also want to learn physics- I could not take it as a subject but developed interest for it recently.

I would like to be involved in leading some sort of a student union or representing a particular group. I have always thought of myself as a leader, and this drives me to organize different events. My outlook on life is very simple: Life is an opportunity for you to show people what you can achieve, and gain respect and status.

There are a few activities in my bucket list. The first thing I wish to try is survive (like man vs wild) in a forest without many artificial resources. I want to learn underwater-diving sometime in the future.

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