Art Club

Creativity and Activity

This art club was founded and run by me. In the midst of the pandemic I really needed something to give me more avenues to practice and do art. It was important to stay in touch with people and art. 

LO1: I have been doing art for a long time now which led me to recognise it as a strength and continue with this strength of mine. I wanted to grow as an artist which needed me to work with different mediums and people with different artistic choices. For this I ensured that everyone took sessions where we followed through with their sessions and did what they taught us as an expert in the medium. 

LO2: Apart from the skills developed as an artist, managing time and working on better communication skills are a few crucial skills that I developed. Talking to the members, setting time slots and seeing who is free when was one of the challenges that I had to undertake. 

LO3 & LO5: I started this and worked with other students to pursue this idea of mine. I started by asking my friends and classmates if they were interested. Working on a schedule and forming activities for each week, sending invites, working on submissions of the club and doing these things single handedly. Working collaboratively with others is also a prerequisite for a task like this.

LO4: This requires commitment and perseverance. To work with people that are not academic in times of heavy academic pressure and submissions is a little challenging. This is also something that I need to work on to balance out my life. I needed to stay committed throughout the task and make sure I got what I wanted out of this entire task.

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