Trek – Activity and Service

Grade 12 students went on a trek to Himachal Pradesh. We were a group of 28 people, each bringing their own unique light and excitement to make this vacation one to remember before heading off to college. It gave me an opportunity to be in close proximity to scenic beauty and spend the most precious moments with my friends that I’ll cherish forever. Throughout the trek, I developed several skills and diversified myself in a different environment. The freezing cold nights, going uphill for five to six hours, reaching the snow belt and playing snow fights are the most highlighted moments of the trek. 

LO2: Trekking is a challenging task and requires a lot of physical effort and mental strength since it is cold. We had to step out of comfort zones and also adapt to the changes such as the type of bathrooms that were actually created for us, and actually climbing up and reaching to triund after 5-6 hours. A few skills and attributes were developed throughout the trek such as self-management skills, risk-taker and balanced. 

LO5: Communicating with others is one of my strengths. But while we go up and down the hill making sure the communication is on point is crucial. Working together was a must. Supporting each other during the trek and helping each other reach everywhere they wanted to is also crucial. 

LO6&7: We carried food for the local poor people as a part of service for this activity. There were many dogs with us during the trek, they accompanied us during our whole trek. So we fed the animals and really had fun with them. THis also required considering ethics and ensuring that whatever we are doing amidst the pandemic is ethical and in terms of choices and actions. We went to the triund trek during covid, and so it was very important that our mask are up whenever possible and avoid physical contact, and primarily sanitizing. We lived in an complete natural environment and made sure that we are not polluting the natural beauty of the place and not harming the animals.

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