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Activity and Service

LO6: This online course was a course on Social Justice called Love as a Force for Social Justice. I worked on a lot of things that fell under this course. It was a 6 week course which made me ponder over issues of great global significance like social justice, peace and war. 

LO1: Working on social justice as an issue in general is of key importance for me. This is something that I enjoy doing personally and really treasure with respect to how it personally affects me. Working on smaller tasks for a greater cause is something I am good at and interests me. 

LO2 & LO4: The biggest challenge in this activity was continuous commitment and perseverance. In the midst of all of my academic assignments it was difficult to continue with this course since it is a 6 week course at times but due to my interest and time management skills I could do it. 

LO6 & LO7: This activity focused on how I can be more involved in participating in social justice. Doing small activities towards and for attaining social justice in my immediate community was something that was required in this course. This also made me ensure that whatever I do are within ethical boundaries.

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