Working at a restaurant – CAS

I worked at a restaurant for 21 days and did social media marketing, working on merchandise and customer communication here and there.

LO1: I noticed that I have always been an artistic person and I tried to inculcate that with everything that I did at the restaurant. My strength was social media marketing and keeping track of the artistic bit of it. I am also strong with communication and I decided to take up that at my job as well.

LO2: What was most challenging for me was keeping track of the figures and building strategies based on that. My mathematical skills are comparatively weaker than other skills that I possess. However, I overcame this challenge by learning how to address the issues I am facing and talking to a professional/colleague about the same. I started looking at strategies to improve the marketing style in terms of what the consumers are reacting most positively/negatively to.

LO3: I reached out to Dome and convinced them about my skills and perseverance towards the job. I needed to organise myself with school to ensure that I don’t miss out on either of them. Planning my days was a little harder and having 12 hour days was significantly tiring. I learned how to pitch these places for a job/internship opportunity. I feel like this experience helped me for pitching in future opportunities.

LO4: Since this was a proper internship, I definitely could not take a lot of work days off. I needed to commit to the activity and take it very seriously. I worked for 21 days straight and I felt like the pay that I got by the end of it felt very rewarding. I don’t find it difficult to commit to things as long as I enjoy them and I think this was the case with this particular internship as well. 

LO5: This internship required me to work alongside several people. A lot of collaboration was required not only to work collaboratively but also to fit in with the environment. Working with people is generally fun for me since I believe that I am a good communicator. I enjoy working with people since it allows me to increase my social skills and express myself the way I want to. For this particular internship, it was relatively easy for me to work alongside everyone since I kept my communication skills very professional and made sure that everything I thought needed to be addressed was catered to beforehand. 

LO7: Everything that comes along with working at a restaurant which I can’t explicitly mention but there were a lot of choices that I had to make while doing my job. There weren’t any serious ethical dilemmas that I faced but just smaller things in the kitchen that may be conflicting to what the restaurant stands for and the other external circumstances. These issues did not affect me personally since I was in a professional environment however I did have to deal with them since they fell under my responsibility and array of work. 

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