CAS Profile

I’m Krish Kantharia, I’m 17 years old and study at Fountainhead school. I like to think that I am a creative person and have really good imagination which I like to express through my drawings and doodling. I also like to cook food and eat food more than cooking. I really like automobiles, and playing some games.

Through CAS I improved my time management skills and especially communication skills as I am a really bad communicator and it does not help with me expressing myself or my ideas, so this helped me improve my communication skills. I also improved my football skills as it is a sport I like to play and prefer over other sports. I also improved my cooking skills whish could help me in the future (survival skills).

My dreams and aspirations would be to be successful in life and whatever I do, and if not then at least lead a peaceful and happy life with no more regrets since I already have a few, because at the end of my life I want to have the least amount of regrets as I can.


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