Clothes Donation | Activity, Service

People have bulks of clothes at home that aren’t being used and we have all considered donation at one point however not alot of us go through with it so i along with a few of my friends helped gather multiple cartons of clothes (some new with money we earned, some pre-owned) and we decided to donate them to people who need them first hand.

L3 – Initiative and Planning: this take required alot of planning, mostly because of the large operation. we had multiple cartons of clothes multiple vehicles to go around to distribute them and a large group of people planning it. we had to find ways to effectively distribute roles and responsibility and efficiently donate the clothes.

L5 – Showing perseverance: this experience was grueling physically, we had to drive around town carry heavy cartons of clothes, making sure they are distributed equally among crowds of homeless people. it was both mentally and physically grueling however our commitment to the cause helped us finish the task.

L6 – Global Engagement: Poverty and homelessness is one of the biggest issues worldwide and while our experience wasnt a direct step toward solving these issues clothes are a basic human requirement and the homeless wear unhygienic garments and dont have money to spend on clothes so this was one way we found to support them.

In conclusion this experience was very important to me as it gave me an opportunity to give something of mine to the people who need it more than me, it made me realise there are certain things we take for granted which are the same things other people struggle to gain and it could be something as essential as food.

The first hand donation catered to the Activity and Service strands of CAS and allowed me to serve the society with no cost to me so i could give back for what i have gained.

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