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I have been an avid MUNer for as long as i could remember and FSMUN is the MUN my school organises every year and is one i used to attend every year however this year i decided to be part of the secretariat and organize it with my newfound knowledge. I had enough experience to organize the event and so i applied for the position of secretary general and got accepted and i went on to successfully organise FSMUN 2020.

L2 – Challenge and Skill: I showed the display of L2 as this was my first time organizing an MUN at this scale i went on to face alot of challenges and situations i had never been in before so i learned alot of new skills as well as improved my existing communication and collaboration skills during the course of this event.

L3 – Initiative and Planning: This task took a lot of planning and initiative on my part, since i was the secretary general i was solely responsible to guide and lead the other students with me into successfully organizing this event.

L4 – Collaboration: I showed collaboration and improved my communication skills throughout this experience since it required me to work with a team and with good communication and with good time management we worked like a well oiled machine to get the work done.

L5 – Showing Perseverance: I showed perseverance in this experience as throughout the process of organizing many challenges came up and many problems that i had to deal with however not once did i question my duties i worked through and solved my problems.

L6 – Global Engagement: I displayed global engagement by my execution of the event, being an MUN it obviously involved debate but i ensured the topics of debates were focused on global issues and didn’t veer off topic and this helped educate and inform a lot of young students of global issues.

L7 – Considering Ethics of Choices: I displayed this learning outcome in almost every decision i made regarding the logistics and marketing of the event, any choices i made had heavy repercussions and pros and cons as well as a few ethical conundrums, i had to weigh my options carefully and make the right choices as i went along.

In conclusion, I showed that not only did i learn and garner a lot of experience from this event but i had to show a lot of creativity, critical thinking and knowledge to make the event a success the event went on to gather over 100 delegates most of whom were first timers which was our target audience.

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