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My name is Raina Tamakuwala , and I am 17 years old. I am currently in my second year of the IB Diploma programme. The IB course has provided me with a comprehensive development of communication, teamwork, and research abilities. The IB’s key components, which include CAS, EE, and TOK, have enabled me to break free from the confines of academic learning and redefine my understanding of knowledge. 

I enjoy travelling because it allows me to see things from a fresh viewpoint. Travelling allows me to see and learn about diverse cultures up close, experience new foods, have a better understanding of fashion diversity, and get a sight of various types of art and their interpretations. Working in the arts is also something I like. Arts have always been a method for me to escape reality and express my creativity.

Finally, I’d like to learn more about the world outside of my own. I wish to learn about all of the country’s cultures. My ambition is to become a self-sufficient, diligent, and joyful individual.

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