Learning to cycle (9)

LO1, LO3 and LO4

I learned how to ride a cycle even though I am 17 years old. My friend offered to teach me and so I took the opportunity to learn. At first I had expected learning to be rather difficult because you need to balance yourself and I’ve yet to be in a situation where I needed the balance so I assumed that I would fall a lot. However my friend convinced me that it was pretty easy and I would most likely get it on the first couple tries and that the only thing that they needed to teach me was some more complicated thing. And so I went in expecting myself to easily pick up on it. And it turned out that I was right the first time around, it was difficult. I became a little concerned about what my friend said because they also mentioned that she was about 5-7 when they first started cycling so they had a 10 year advantage over me. I nearly fell the second I started but luckily caught myself.  To me their advice was no good and I was confused. So finally we decided that I should just get as much experience as possible but I didn’t want to do it unless she was holding me up because if I was going to give it my best effort then I definitely did not want to fall and so there was a 17 year old teenager learning to ride a cycle in the same fashion as a young child. After a while I still could not maintain my balance, I understood the theory of how to balance myself but I still could not do it. We decided that I really just needed some time and practice. After a while I could sustain my balance for a little long but was not able to pick up enough speed to continuously sustain it and so I was not able to learn the more “advanced” techniques to biking. The experience ended in both a gain and a failure.   

LO2 and LO5

  Undertaking new challenges is definitely a learning outcome that I had because I had never ridden a cycle before, mostly because I never needed to. However despite this argument of mine that I did not need to learn to ride and I could not understand the benefits of learning to ride, I still had some strange desire to learn. It was a pretty frightening idea. It was truly something I had never done before. Our planning was a little weak because it very much depended on me practically instantaneously picking up on balancing myself. We also had to consider when we were available so we could decide when to meet and what to prepare by then (helmet, cycle, pads). Our working collaboratively with others learning outcome was also a little weak in that the explanations and interpretations were all over the place and so misunderstandings kept occurring. It was actually difficult to work efficiently with this because we all had our own experiences and different styles that did not work for one another.

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