Beach Cleaning – CAS Experience 5

Beaches tend to become dirty, filled with either sea waste or mainly people littering over there when they visit the beach. The beach where I live is frequently visited by many people every day and it is found that litter is lying around always. My friends and I decided to go to the beach twice a week to clean up the beach, the most we can. The reason for going to the beach was that as we all know that plastics are harming our environment a lot and they are polluting the nature of the beach.

The Learning Outcomes which I’ve demonstrated are LO3, LO4, LO5, and LO6.

LO3- My friends and I had decided to clean the beach and we had taken all the precautions as COVID19 was going on so we all had our masks and gloves carrying with us. Then we had divided our tasks as it was a large beach and it would be difficult to clean it so we decided to divide some areas so that we could clean the beach easily. If I had to once again plan and initiate this in the future, then comparatively it would be a lot easier as I have already experienced what is to be done and to be prepared for it.

LO4- Showing perseverance and commitment was very necessary for this experience as going to the beach and cleaning it was very difficult because it was a very tedious task. After the first week of cleaning the beach, no one was willing to go to the beach again but we were committed to cleaning the beach so we decided and be motivated each other to go go to the beach and clean the garbage. My friends and I were proud of ourselves after cleaning the beach as we did something good for the environment.

LO5- Cleaning the beach with my friends helped me get motivated a lot every single time we went there to clean the beach. Working collaboratively was easier, my friends and I had a different schedule, so we planned accordingly when each of us was free and then went to clean the beach together. We had divided some areas where there was a lot of dirt and one of us went to each area and cleaned it. The difficulty I faced was coordinating with my friends to come to the beach at the same time as each of us had a different schedule. It is very important to work collaboratively as if we work collaboratively then the work gets divided through which the work can be done in a lesser time and efficiently. The importance of leadership and teamwork was important in this experience as we had coordinated and worked together to clean the beach, without teamwork we could not have cleaned the beach.

LO6-  The sustainable development goals such as ‘Clean water and sanitation’ and ‘Life below water and life on land’ are directly related to this issue of global significance. These issues are globally very important due to the human activities which are being which has impacted the environment and the earth is getting damaged so each of us should do something to save our environment and earth. Also after seeing the beaches so dirty I have had decided that whenever I go somewhere I will dispose of garbage at its proper place and tell others also to do the same.

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