Cycling – CAS Experience 2

One of the ways you can maintain fitness is by cycling. I chose cycling as one of my experiences because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a lockdown imposed almost everywhere but because of this, I was losing my fitness so I thought of cycling for about 2-3 weeks to maintain my health and fitness. Cycling increases your physical health which helps improve your core muscles, stamina, endurance, and overall fitness. 

The Learning Outcomes which I’ve demonstrated are LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, and LO6.

LO1- I am passionate about physical activities whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Considering that I am passionate about physical activities, I thought of going cycling to help me regain the fitness that I lost in the lockdown. Knowing my strength that I can cycle for a good amount of short distances, I also had to work upon my weakness of long-distance cycling which also required working on my stamina. 

LO2- The biggest challenge I faced was getting up early. The crucial 5 minutes in the morning decided my willpower throughout the day. Soon after, it became an activity that I would love to wake up to. It helped me get out of my comfort zone and I learned to use my mornings creatively. This allowed me to get to my school on time, which starts promptly from 9:00 a.m till 2:30 p.m. It was tempting to take a day off to wake up, so I decided to ride 5 days a week at my own discretion.

LO3-  Coming up with this experience has helped me a lot to regain my fitness. I had to create a plan where only weekends were possible for me and sometimes during the weekdays. I had always planned to go cycling with my friends but they always had some or the other excuse ready so I took the initiative to go cycling by myself and work on my fitness.

LO4-  For the first few days it was difficult for me to wake up early as it was not part of my regular sleep schedule. Then I started showing commitment by setting up several alarms and even telling my parents to wake me up early. Showing such dedication towards going cycling helped me gain a healthy sleep schedule along with helping in progress towards my fitness.

LO6- People nowadays prefer using 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler even for a short distance to travel. This causes air pollution and also the unnecessary consumption of fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel. If people switch to using a cycle for such short distances then it would help reduce the issues mentioned earlier. I have started using a cycle to travel such distances after realizing these issues and also conveying this information to others who are approachable.

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