Save Birds – CAS Project – CAS Experience 3

Every year the festival of Uttrayan takes place. It is a festival where people celebrate together by flying kites high in the air with the help of a rope (manjha). While celebrating this festival, most of the people do not care about the fact that even birds fly in the same sky they are flying their kites. The rope that is used to help fly the kites is very sharp and the chances are very high that it may harm or cut down the wings of the birds flying in the sky. The reason why I chose this experience as a project is that I wanted to help these birds by creating a shelter for them and helping them stay safe during this festival. 

The Learning Outcomes which I’ve demonstrated are LO3, LO4, LO5, and LO6.

LO2 – The challenging part of this experience was when we were eager to learn about how to remove or cut the rope safely if it is stuck in the body part of the bird. Developing this new skill helped me and my friend carry out the same during the festival and also spread some information about it to other people.

LO3 – With the help of the reason stated above, I and my friend started to create shelters for the birds with resources available at our home. It took us 1-2 weeks to create 2 shelters because our academics were also going on parallelly.  

LO4 – The festival of Uttayan is full of celebration and to celebrate it, I and my friend wanted to do a favor to the birds by creating a shelter for them to stay safe. Both of us were committed to creating at least 2 shelters for the birds so that the birds can be safe from getting harm from the sharp ropes that are flying high in the sky.

LO5 – Having to do this experience collaboratively with my friend helped both of us gain knowledge without any interference or disturbance. Working collaboratively with my friend to create shelters for the birds was effecient as we shared our resources to help us make the shelters. Both of us had helped each other to come up with the structure of the shelter so that it stays firm and durable.

LO6 – The reason behind coming up with this experience was due to the past scenarios that have taken place during the festival of Uttrayan. In the past years, the number of birds that were either killed or harmed had been very high due to this festival. To reduce these killings and harm taking place towards the birds, me and my friend thought of taking this action and also consider this as an experience for ourselves.

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