WFBL Exam – CAS Experience 6

I had given this exam which was hosted by WFBL itself. It is a platform for international education where they are in the search of young talents around the world who are interested in any aspect of the business such as marketing, management, entrepreneurship, and global business. My school had given me this opportunity to take part in this initiative by WFBL.    

The Learning Outcomes which I’ve demonstrated are LO1, LO2, and LO4.

LO1 – The fact that I have taken up business management as one of my DP subjects, makes it my strength, and the weakness that I was aware of is that I am not good with the handling of exam pressure. I feel it was important not to be over-confident about having the subject of business management taken up and I need to prepare myself for the exam knowledge-wise and ways to overcome exam pressure. I had worked on overcoming my weakness of exam pressure by giving a few mock questions before attending the final exam.

LO2 – During the exam, most of the questions asked were not from the syllabus I have studied for my school exams but I had prepared myself by studying ahead of the school syllabus before giving the exam. I had taken up this exam because I wanted to challenge myself with the knowledge that I have learned from my school and to know that do I have more to learn about business management or not. Also while preparing myself for appearing for this exam, I also had my preparations running simultaneously for the school exams as well. Preparing for both the exams was a challenging task for me but I scheduled timings accordingly to study for both the exams as per the amount of syllabus that was left to cover for both of them. 

LO4 – Before giving the exam, I was studying for the exam and the syllabus was quite a lot to cover. The amount of time left to cover the pending syllabus was also comparatively less. I had to stay awake for several nights before the exam to complete the syllabus to prepare myself for the exam. I made myself committed to the fact that I have to study for the exam and be prepared for the same before appearing for it. After giving the exam, I started to believe that showing perseverance and being committed to a task can help a person achieve his or her goals.

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